Moll and The Future Kings

Curated by Sarah Grange and ClerkinWorks, supported by Improbable and The Globe

Facsimilie of image of Mary Frith from title page of The Roaring Girl. Mary Frith or Moll Cutpurse c. 1584 to 1659.

Artwork Credit: Ellan Parry

Moll and the Future Kings is a one-off gig combining impro and drag kings to celebrate the spirit of Mary/Moll Frith. We are really excited that some participants of Through The Door course will perform at Shakespeare’s Globe’s Sam Wanamaker Playhouse on March 30, 9:30pm.

In 1611, Moll Frith, also known as Mal Cutpurse, appeared onstage at the Fortune Theatre, during a production of The Roaring Girl, Middleton and Dekker’s play about her life. An improvised moment involving rude jokes, songs and smoking, this is the only known professional playhouse performance by an English woman. At the time and ever since, history and gossip have held her – this cross-dressing performer, criminal and trickster – as a warning, a hero or a freak.

And now, for one night only, we present an hour of anarchic, improvised, gender-twisting entertainment in her honour. Performed by members of the Through the Door course, this is a work-in-progress, an experiment, and a conversation with our queer early modern past. Curated by Sarah Grange with Clerkinworks, and supported by Shakespeare’s Globe and Improbable, it’s the night out with Moll you didn’t know you’d been waiting for.

Artwork Credit: Ellan Parry

The Players

The evening’s Drag Kings will be Adae (Wesley Dykes), Jacqui Ong (Sigi Moonlight), Momo (Bae Sharam) and Ellan Parry (Mal Content). The Impro Team : Sophie Trott, Deni Francis, Leah Kirby, Cassie Hercules, Serin Ibrahim, Maddy Moore and Susan Kempster. The evening will be hosted by Angela Clerkin as Sebastian (Hairdresser to the Kings) and Sarah Grange as Moll.

This event is part of Voices In The Dark at the Globe – Please come along spend an unpredictable evening with Moll and the Future Kings! Book Here :