Moll and The Future Kings

Directed by Angela Clerkin. Curated by Sarah Grange and ClerkinWorks, supported by Improbable and Shakespeare’s Globe


Moll and The Future Kings – Image by E Malin Parry

In March 2019 Moll and The Future Kings  premiered at the Shakespeare’s Globe Sam Wanamaker Playhouse as part of  their ‘Voices in The Dark’ season. It was a queer candlelit cabaret with Drag Kings, improvisation, dancing and candid confessions of transgressive acts, inspired by the anarchic spirit of Moll Cutpurse. 

All the performers were participants from the Through the Door workshops – mostly queer, & working class, and over 50% WoC. This wild and wonderful (and sold-out) gig held the promise of something innovative, radical and exuberant. Directed by Angela Clerkin, curated by Sarah Grange with Clerkinworks, and supported by Shakespeare’s Globe and Improbable, it was the night out with Moll you didn’t know you’d been waiting for.

LOVED LOVED LOVED #MollandtheFutureKings last night. Never been to the Globe before. Thanks Sebastian @AngelaClerkin and all your players @mollfrith #improbable #queertheatre #workingclasstheatre Bird la Bird

Saw “Moll and The Future Kings” tonight @The_Globe in the Sam Wanamaker. LOVED IT. @mollfrith @sophietro @ellan_parry @AngelaClerkin It’s so rich and raucous and funny and moving and gorgeous. More please! ❤️ Jenifer Toksvig

What a show! WOW!  Crawford Harris

“Moll And the Future Kings” was raucous, mischievous, sexy, beautiful fun. MC’d by the peerless @AngelaClerkin with Moll herself delightfully channelled by @mollfrith @Lee Simpson

In 1611, Moll Frith, also known as Mal Cutpurse, appeared onstage at the Fortune Theatre, during a production of The Roaring Girl, Middleton and Dekker’s play about her life. An improvised moment involving rude jokes, songs and smoking, this is the only known professional playhouse performance by an English woman. At the time and ever since, history and gossip have held her – this cross-dressing performer, criminal and trickster – as a warning, a hero or a freak.


Moll and The Future Kings at Sam Wanamaker Playhouse March 2019 on set designed by Jessica Worrall

The evening’s Drag Kings were Adae Bajomo (Wesley Dykes), Jacqui Ong (Sigi Moonlight), Momo (Bae Sharam) and E. Malin Parry (Mal Content). The Impro Team : Sophie Trott, Deni Francis, Leah Kirby, Cassie Hercules, Serin Ibrahim, Maddy Moore and Susan Kempster. The evening was  hosted by Angela Clerkin as Sebastian (Hairdresser to the Kings) and Sarah Grange as Moll.

Had an amazing time watching ‘Moll and the future kings’ tonight. I honestly wanted to just get on that stage and join them!! Never stopped laughing!  (And moll did meet my expectations) 🎭🎭 @The_Globe well done 🎉🎉 #traineeteacher  #theatre #mollandthefuturekings #theglobe  Stephanie Hyde

Having an interesting week of women on the stage @The_Globe, fab transgressive late night Saturday theatre last weekend #MollandtheFutureKings Dr Namita Chakrabarty

Just watched our phenomenal @cultureclashuk on stage at the bleedin’  @The_Globe, this is not a drill!!! Improv and Drag Kings is a very tasty mix and I enjoyed that immensely. More Please. #MollandTheFutureKings  Sian Eleanor Green