by Angela Clerkin

The Good Daughter wants to make her father happy. “Tell me what makes you so sad. Tell me your dark secret and I promise to keep it safe for you.” He whispers in his daughter’s ear and a great weight lifts from his shoulders.

Delighted, he invites the whole town to confide in his miraculous daughter. Soon everyone is flocking. But what happens when a murderer confesses? And who is to blame for the consequences?

Illicit affairs, theft, murder, government cover-ups and whistleblowing, The Secret Keeper is a personal story with global consequences.

This visually rich show is aimed at an adult audience who like dark fairytales, comedic social commentary, disturbing dilemmas, kooky songs, queer goings on and a murder mystery with Miss Marple type clues. The Secret Keeper will entertain and delight as it explores the topical themes of secrets, collusion and collective responsibility.

Feedback from The Secret Keeper R&D Showings :

“The Secret Keeper is a dark, smart fairytale for adults; its beguiling mix of music and humour conceal a political fable for a post-Snowden age.” Rachel Briscoe (fanSHEN Theatre)

“Really brilliant idea with a strong social call, gorgeous and engrossing script.” Sitron Panopoulos (audience)

“Angela has a great gift as a storytelling writer, the whole thing was suffused with energy and warmth. I can’t wait to see what happens with it next.” Chris Goode

“It was utterly fab! I came with my husband Paul and we both really enjoyed the showing. it sparked a good conversation between us and later with our son Dan about secrets & collusion.” Kitty Martin (audience)

“”The Secret Keeper” is a glorious piece of theatre, macabre, hilarious, provocative and profound in equal measure.” Purni Morell (AD Unicorn)

Writer: Angela Clerkin, Co-Directors: Angela Clerkin & Lucy Skilbeck (Fringe First winner Joan, AD Milk Presents, Bush Theatre Associate), Designer: Simon Vincenzi (Camera Lucida Barbican, Invisible Dances ROH), Composer: Nick Powell (The Ferryman Royal Court, SNT, Improbable), Lighting : Colin Grenfell (Lost Without Words, Improbable NT, Black Watch, NTS), Additional Music & Sound Design: Harry Johnson, Production Manager: Helen Mugridge.

Niall Ashdown (Kneehigh, Improbable, Comedy Store Players), Angela Clerkin (Dr Who, Humans, The Office), Hazel Maycock (Fingersmiths), Anne Odeke (The Globe).

PRODUCER: Will Young

Ovalhouse: 11-21 October
Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes: 23 October
Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry: 24-25 October
Greenwich Theatre: 27 October
North Wall, Oxford: 28 October
The Drum, Plymouth: 31 Oct – 4 Nov
Curve, Leicester: 6-7 November
Sherringham Little Theatre: 8 November
Newbury Corn Exchange: 10 November

Alongside the show Angela is running workshops for community groups, emerging theatre makers and universities around the themes of secrecy, collusion and community responsibility. Contact Angela directly if you are interested in booking.

Ovalhouse and Warwick Arts Centre are hosting after-show panel discussions with invited guest speakers who work connects with the themes of secrecy, privacy, whistleblowing, and breaking the silence. See Twitter updates for details

Angela and Ovalhouse have teamed up to create a mini touring exhibition of anonymous secrets on postcards – these will have been sent into Ovalhouse anonymously or have been written/drawn by the participants at some of Angela’s workshops.

Want to join in? Use a blank postcard – write or draw a secret about yourself that you’d like to let go of, something serious or light, funny or vulnerable, and don’t sign it, the secrets are anonymous.

Please send it in to : The Secret Keeper, Ovalhouse, 52-54 Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW or pop in to Ovalhouse Theatre and pop it into The Secret Keeper postbox on reception.

The Vicar

The Vicar

The King's Right-Hand Man

The King’s Right-Hand Man

The Inn Keeper's Wife's Constant Companion

The Inn Keeper’s Wife’s Constant Companion

The Chemist

The Chemist

The Butcher

The Butcher

The Baker

The Baker