TDK- (1)

A survey by Learn Direct revealed that 97% of people over the age of 40 said their childhood dreams hadn’t come true? Why not? Who killed the dreams?

“It’s my 40th birthday and I’ve decided to investigate why I haven’t become a saint. I discover that since my birth cameras have been recording, spying and collecting stories about me. I want to know what ‘they’ know. It’s time to look at the evidence and it’s all in the box”.

See what happens when Angela delves into her sensuous box. Smell the promise of queer goings on : lashings of Catholicism, a dead child who sings of jealousy, a delicious egg who dreams and the true confessions of a murderess.

Written & Performed by Angela Clerkin

Directed & Designed by Simon Vincenzi

Battersea Arts Centre & The Drill Hall

Clerkin has us eating out of her hand” Time Out

You know the feeling when you come out of a show or a film and you walk down the street and feel a little bit more beautiful than when you went in – that’s how I felt” Audience Member, The Drill Hall